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As you transition from college, you will likely need to rethink your finances.

Do you have student loans? Credit card debt? Maybe you owe your parents money. Do you know your credit score? Can you make a budget? Can you stick to it?

It is important that you assess your financial situation and consider your short and long term financial goals.


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Consider utilizing the following campus resources:

1. UC 170.002 “The Financially Savvy Student”

This one-credit course is designed to provide students with knowledge and practice in financial literacy. Students in the class will develop skills in managing money, making choices, and planning for the future, including: safe and smart use of credit and debit cards; developing personal monthly budgets and financial self-assessments; leveraging financial aid and scholarships; and funding study abroad, spring break, research, and internships. Student learning in the class is grounded in: economic history, for understanding how family and personal wealth is accumulated across generations; educational policy studies, for the evolution of federal and state aid for higher education, scholarships, and loans; and behavioral psychology and behavioral economics, for insights into how individuals make choices about money and their futures


2. Office of Financial Aid

The Office of Financial Aid endorses, a free website providing financial education resources for colleges and their students. Register on the Students page and take a quiz, use their tools, and consult the many valuable resources available on the site.


3. Other resources

Tools for financial planning in college

Repaying your student loans

LSA scholarships

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