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Office of Financial Aid  ::  The Office of Financial Aid administers a variety of scholarships. Click here to go to Financial Aid’s website where you can search for scholarships.

LSA Scholarship Office  ::  Provides an overview of the scholarships offered through LSA including the LSA Emergency Scholarships, and links to scholarship listings available.

Study Abroad Scholarships  ::  The Center for Global and Intercultural Studies web page on paying for study abroad. Scroll down for scholarships available for study abroad.

Provost’s Office  ::  Information on the Rhodes, Marshall, and Truman Scholarships

External Scholarships  ::  A list of scholarships offered by community, national, and international organizations.

UM Alumni Association  ::  The Alumni Association supports more than 130 scholarships for U-M students. Click here to go to the Alumni Association’s scholarship web page.

Library Scholarships Page  ::  Web page from the UM library that provides general information on searching for scholarships along with links to scholarship databases.

Honors Scholarship Listings  ::  The Honors program maintains a list of scholarships. You do not have to me a member of the Honors Program to apply for these scholarships.

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