LSA Summer Mentorship Program

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Have an internship this summer, but a little confused about how to gain as much from it as possible? Then you need a mentor!

The LSA Summer Mentorship Program pairs recent LSA graduates in all industries with current LSA students participating in summer internships.  During your three face-to-face meetings, you will have access to your mentor’s perspective as a young professional, learn about navigating your internship and networking your workplace, as well as resume and cover letter critique!  This is your opportunity to build a relationship with a recent LSA graduate who can help guide you through your internship.  All years and majors welcome. Gain an LSA recent grad mentor in whichever town you’re employed! Expand your network and grow as a young professional.

Click here for more information or email us at

Application closes April 15th at 5 p.m! Apply here!


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