Spring and Summer Highlights from the Newnan Advising Center

Advising Over the Summer
The LSA Newnan Advising Center is open throughout the summer. If you are on campus and want to schedule an appointment call the Advising Center at 764-0332. If you are off campus you can schedule a phone appointment.

Things to think about over the summer
Summer is a good time to take stock of the past year and explore ideas for what you want to do next. Check out these campus resources to help you make your plans.

Study and Work Abroad
Center for Global and Intercultural Studies

UM's office for global education programs, CGIS offers a variety of programs from year-long study abroad to short-term field-based extensions to on-campus courses. This is the place to start for exploring your education abroad options.

International Center
The International Center's Education Abroad Office provides information about options for studying, working, or traveling abroad to students. Their website provides links for finding non-UM study abroad programs.

Careers, Internships, and Volunteering
Career Center
The Career Center is the place to start your search for internships and jobs after graduation.

Alumni Association
The Alumni Association offers a variety of career services, including opportunities to meet with alumni mentors.

LSA Internship Network
Search for internships and learn how you can earn credit and find scholarships.

Ginsberg Center
Ginsberg Center offers a range of programs and works with students and faculty to strengthen community service learning. You can find paid employment opportunities in addition to volunteer opportunities.

Student Employment Office
Looking for a job on or near campus? The Student Employment Office lists employment opportunities within the university and with organizations and businesses outside the university.

Scholarships and Fellowships
Office of Financial Aid
The Office of Financial Aid administers a variety of scholarships. Click here to go to Financial Aid's website where you can search for scholarships.

LSA Scholarship Office
Provides an overview of the scholarships offered through LSA including the LSA Emergency Scholarships, and links to scholarship listings available.

Study Abroad Scholarships
The Center for Global and Intercultural Studies web page on paying for study abroad. Scroll down for scholarships available for study abroad.

Provost's Office
Information on the Rhodes, Marshall, and Truman Scholarships

External Scholarships
A list of scholarships offered by community, national, and international organizations.

UM Alumni Association
The Alumni Association supports more than 130 scholarships for U-M students. Click here to go to the Alumni Association's scholarship web page.

Library Scholarships Page
Web page from the UM library that provides general information on searching for scholarships along with links to scholarship databases.

Honors Scholarship Listings
The Honors program maintains a list of scholarships. You do not have to me a member of the Honors Program to apply for these scholarships.

Fall 2014 LSA THEME SEMESTER: Sport and the University

Sports are a vital, fun, and often passionate part of culture in the U.S. and around the world generally, and on the University of Michigan campus specifically. Sports are often categorized as “extracurricular,” and this theme semester will showcase the ways that sports can be studied rigorously across the academy, as part of the curriculum. The semester will also be an opportunity for lively discussions across campus about some of the current controversial issues in intercollegiate and professional sports. “Sport and the University” will involve a wide array of sports-related course offerings in the humanities, the social sciences, the biological and behavioral sciences, kinesiology, education, and engineering, as well as several of the professional schools. Students and faculty will have the opportunity to present their research on sports in a variety of venues.

We also plan to offer a film series and a speaker series, expert panel discussions, playful academic competitions, and other events that help all of us on campus explore the intersecting worlds of sports and of academics.

To see the Theme Semester courses go Theme Semester Course Guide.

Check out Sophomore Initiative courses.

The Dean’s Office administers the Sophomore Year Initiative, a set of courses and activities whose goal is to help sophomores map the College curriculum and explore the terrain of the liberal arts. Sophomore Initiative courses focus on the analytical skills and competencies essential to success in any career. They provide discipline-specific and multi-disciplinary investigations of natural science, social science, and humanities approaches to issues, and offer students rich opportunities to discover their intellectual passions while developing mastery in critical thinking and problem solving.

Sophomore Initiative Website: http://www.lsa.umich.edu/students/sophomoreinitiative.

To see the Sophomore Intitiative courses go to Course Guide listing.