Finding the Right Science or Math Major For You

Wednesday, April 2, 5:00 - 6:30 p.m.
Great Lakes Room, 4050 Palmer Commons

Do you love science or math?  Are you still looking for a major?  Are you unsure of where to go to learn about different majors and minors?  Look no further!

This fun event gives you the chance to speak with fellow students majoring in every math and science major. You will benefit from these students’ perspectives, including information about course and program requirements, departmental culture, faculty, careers, research, and study abroad.   The round-robin format gives you the chance to talk with five or six student representatives, so you will be able to explore all your interests.

And, we are going to feed you pizza and salad!

To register go to http://ttc.iss.lsa.umich.edu/undergrad/sessions/finding-a-science-or-math-major/.

If you can’t attend, you can check out all the science and math majors at focus.lsa.umich.edu/.