Seeking applications: Fulbright Teaching Assistantships in Brazil

Apply by September 16

We are seeking additional applications for the Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship program in Brazil, which has been expanding in recent years.

Eligibility: applicants must (a) be U-M students, alumni or staff; (b) be U.S. citizens; (c) have completed an undergraduate degree by the beginning of the award (March 2015); and (d) demonstrate proficiency (the equivalent of two year’s college-level study) in any Romance Language.

Candidate profile:  Applications are welcome from recent graduates and graduate students, preferably from those with experience working in an educational environment, candidates with degrees in English, applied linguistics or foreign languages, or a background in TESOL or ESL.

Apply Now:  The application process typically includes a campus interview, which we are currently scheduling.  To receive an interview, please submit the online application (including essays and register 3 references) by Monday, September 16.  It also possible to submit an application through U-M without an interview, in which case your complete application must be submitted by 5pm on October 11.

More  application  information  is available  on the Fulbright website at   Questions?  Contact Heather Johnson