Information Session for Goldwater, Astronaut, and Churchill Scholarships in STEM Fields

Tuesday, September 24 5:00-6:00 p.m. in the Honors Program Lounge (1330 Mason Hall)
Thursday, September 26 6:00-7:00 p.m. in EECS 1301

Goldwater Scholarship
Created in 1986 to honor the late Senator from Arizona and to promote the careers of future U.S. scientists, the Goldwater Scholarship is considered the preeminent prize for undergraduates in STEM fields.  For more on the Goldwater Scholarship go to post for Goldwater Scholarship.

Astronaut Scholarship
Created in 1984 to honor the Mercury 7 astronauts, the Astronaut Scholarship is not just for students in aerospace engineering. Like the Goldwater Scholarship, its mission is to promote future U.S. scientists in all STEM fields.   For more on the Astronaut Scholarship go to post for Astronaut Scholarship.

Churchill Scholarship
The Churchill Scholarship is one of the most competitive and prestigious of the "UK Scholarships" (along with the Rhodes and Marshall). The program began in 1959 at the recommendation of Sir Winston Churchill, who wished there always to be graduate students from the U.S. attending the college that bears his name. For more on the Chruchill Scholarship go to post for Churchill Scholarship.